Archive Boxes

Securus supply flat-packed archive boxes in various sizes (as per the below guide). All our archive boxes are triple ply, water resistant, pH neutral, kraft cardboard.

Assembly instructions and information panels are pre-printed on the boxes (except SB4 boxes).

SB1 - Standard Box
406mm long x 304mm wide x 254mm high. Volume = 1.2 ft3

SB2 - Bankers Box
406mm long x 355mm wide x 260mm high. Volume = 1.4 ft3

SB3 - Computer Print Out Box
488mm long x 387mm wide x 260mm high. Volume = 1.8 ft3

SB4 - Transfer Box
355mm long x 130mm wide x 260mm high. Volume = 0.5 ft3

All of these boxes come with a lifetime guarantee when you store them with us. Contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more.