Media Rotation

Media Rotation (or Data Tape Rotation) provides a strategy for securely, physically moving backup data from your site to a remote storage site where it will be secure and available. Securus Media Rotation can help form part of your Disaster Management Strategy which in turn ensures business continuity.

Securus provide a confidential and protected Media Rotation service using secured PELI cases that protect against shock and the elements to ensure your media, remains undamaged during transit, whether it be data tapes, portable hard drives or discs.

Media Rotation services are an integrated component of the Vault Storage service. As with all our services, Media Rotation services can be tailored to your needs if our standard service doesn't fit your requirements.

When a "data disaster" strikes, our Media Rotation Emergency Delivery services can save the day. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year it's your business continuity insurance.