Securus guarantees safe, cost effective records management in clean and modern archives as well as rapid retrieval times for documents and files as and when they are needed.

High Security Vaults, Dynamic Archive Storage, Static Archive Storage and Open File Management are just part of a comprehensive and integrated suite of services ensuring that your data is protected, preserved and available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Securus Data Centres have the capacity to amass all records produced in an office, from paper records, film, magnetic media and digital data. These archives are kept at data centres throughout the UK which are monitored by atmospheric and security equipment 24 hours a day to preserve their longevity and maintain security.

All archives are protected by 24 hour, monitored, intruder and fire detection systems. Monitoring stations are linked with security/police/fire services, providing immediate contact and response as required, ensuring reliable security and minimumising the risk of data loss.